EC3+RIB Carbon Quantifier

Building Transparency is partnering with RIB Software to integrate its Carbon Quantifier solution with EC3.

Through a direct link with EC3, RIB Carbon Quantifier is a free to use application that empowers you to quickly, easily and consistently allocate carbon EPD values against your imported estimate data, including resource quantities!
What is Carbon Quantifier?

  • Facilitates the easy extraction of embodied carbon data from the EC3 database against your estimate.
  • Keeps a repository of each estimate’s embodied carbon data for cross referencing and to facilitate easier allocation of carbon values for future projects.
  • Allows you to easily export product unit aligned quantified data back to EC3 for analytics and dashboarding.
  • Provides direct integration with estimating products within the RIB portfolio of products.


How does the integration work?

  • Connect to the EC3 database seamlessly while logged into Carbon Quantifier.
  • Import your estimate resource list with quantities into Carbon Quantifier quickly and seamlessly for quick retrieval of the relevant EPD values in EC3.
  • If there are any unit format inconsistencies, Carbon Quantifier will highlight them for your review and alignment, and will allow you to update the corrected quantities into EC3.
  • With validated carbon values now allocated to your estimate quantities, you can run your analytics in EC3 for meaningful and informed decision-making.
  • Once complete, your project data is stored in Carbon Quantifier to expedite future carbon footprint calculations.