Release Notes

by: Phil Northcott, C Change Labs.

We make regular updates to the EC3 tool based on your feedback.  Here are a few of the most prominent that we would like to share with you. 

Easier Selected Material search

To make it easier to select a material, entries you make in the filter bar no longer change the statistics of your overall search, they only change the list of EPDs shown.

Manufacturers Edit Product Specs
Manufacturers who are signed up with EC3 can now review and edit the description, performance specs, and plants associated with each material.  However, only the Program Operator can edit environmental data.  Manufacturer reps wanting edit permission for their company should make a request via  Report Bugs & Feedback.

Downloadable Product Category Rules

Every EPD in EC3 is now has a link to its PCR document, which you can download from its publisher.

Sankey Diagram Improvements

  • Hovering over any path shows the Building Element it represents.
  • Clicking on any of the sub-assembly bars  zooms in to just that sub-assembly
  • Really big Sankeys now group the smallest elements into 'Other'. Zooming in will let you see more detail.

Building Project Search Bar

Convenient search bar for building projects.  Searches by name, user ID, keywords like "Tally" and "BIM", and more.

Tally Import Reports

Tally imports now show the % of Tally materials successfully imported.  You can further refine the results by adding performance specs and geographic info, if you know them.

Better Building Comparisons

More details and clearer explanations when you compare multiple options or multiple buildings.

Please make use of the Report Bugs and Feedback  tool to share your ideas and bug reports.  C Change Labs is grateful to forward-thinking organizations who sponsor BuildingTransparency, and our intrepid Pilot Users who help us shape and improve the tool, who together allow us to deploy cloud technology in the fight to preserve our climate.