EC3+Procore is partnering with Procore to integrate the Procore platform with EC3.  To integrate with procore, install the "Building Transparency EC3" app from the Procore App Marketplace.  

The App will let you:

  • Sign in to EC3 with your Procore credentials
  • Create EC3 projects directly from Procore
    • Launch the BuildingTransparency EC3 app from within a Procore project to create an EC3 project.
    • Launch the BuildingTransparency EC3 app from your corporate dashboard to see all your Procore projects in EC3.
  • Share your EC3 results using Procore project management features
    • Users with access to the project in Procore will be able to view the project in EC3.
  • Get key reports directly into Procore.  
    • Summary reports, LEED submittal reports, EPD lists, or a full building export.

To install the App

  • Log into Procore.
  • Go to the BuildingTransparency EC3 App page (or go to Marketplace and search for "EC3")
  • Install the application for your project or company. 
  • Authorize the application when Procore asks you to. You may need to get your Procore Company admin to do this for you.

Typical Problems

  • I try to login with Procore, but nothing happens
    • This can happen when your Procore app authorization is out of date.  In Procore, go to My Profile Settings => My Connected Apps, and revoke the authorization for the BuildingTransparency EC3 app.  The next time you try, you will get a screen asking you to authorize the app.