tallyCAT Library Browser

tallyCAT Libraries store complete Revit Families and Family Types in .rfa and .rvt files, with all the EC3 data attached, so they can be used in subsequent projects.

The tallyCAT Library browser lets you open libraries, browse and import families and types, add or delete library elements, and create new libraries.

Any family type stored in a tallyCAT library:

- Can be used normally by other Revit projets, just as if you had loaded them from a .rfa or .rvt file.

- Carries all the EC3 information (material category, performance constraints, layers, quantities, selected EPDs) so you don't need to specify them again next time.  Location and date information relevant to the previous project is removed.

Sharing features (across a company, office, or worldwide) are coming shortly.

When tallyCAT is installed, it creates a default library with a few examples.  Feel free to use or discard these.  tallyCAT needs at least one library to exist, so it will re-create this default library if there are no libraries present.  



The original design and inspiration for the tallyCAT library system is the Family Finder v22.30 by TrevorTaylor of the Design Technology Team at ZGF Architects, which they generously open-sourced to BuildingTransparency for the public benefit. 

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